Bound to Please Vibrating Nipple Clamp

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Bound to Please Vibrating Nipple Clamp

A hunger of multiple sensations, the Bound to Please Vibrating Nipple Clamp

The Bound to Please Vibrating Nipple Clamp, created for those with a hunger for more!

Do you like nipple play? The pinching pain, that delicious biting tease....what if I said you could enjoy all that, with added sensation?

Clip these vibrating clamps to nipples for a heady mix of powerful vibration and restrictive pressure.

Attached bullets provide a single setting of intense vibrations whilst rubberised clamp tips ensure comfort to the wearer.

Actual Dimensions

Overall from top to bottom

Size metric: 9 x 4 cm

Size imperial: 3.5 x 1.5"

Detailed Materials and Care

Material: Metal

Cleaning: Warm Water and Soap

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