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Hi ladies,

Belle De Soir is not just an online business but a team of
like-minded individuals who wanted a secure and open forum for
women to be able to review as well as buy sex toys and lingerie in
a safe and female friendly environment. The site has been designed
with women in mind. I want women to shop for Dildos in the way
we shop for new clothes.
We would like our shoppers
to log on and see what the latest products are, even if they are
not buying. Our helpline is available to answer any questions
Our Blog is worth a look and commenting on, let us know if
ther are any subjects you would like us to cover.

In the last 50 years women have taken a different attitude to sex and in the last 10 years we have seen women playing more and more risque roles in films and books. Some of the most famous are Nine and a Half Weeks, Fatal Attraction, and recently, Red Shoe Diaries as well as 50 Shades of Grey, which has had all women of different ages talking about Mr Grey and his red room of pain. At Belle De Soir we would like women to embrace sex and feel special when buying sex toys and have the feeling of a unique shopping experience.

Sex is no longer a taboo subject, we talk openly with our friends about our love life, what we do and do not like. Women now embrace their sexuality to their advantage and question why men have been in control for so long, so now it's our time to take the lead, "Men are like fine wine. They all start out like grapes, and it's our job to help them mature into something you'd like to have dinner with"

Our website offers secure shopping and payment, through SSL protection. This prevents unauthorized viewing or modification of communications over the internet. This protects your valuable data

Free Delivery on orders over £40

Discreet Billing and Packaging. All parcels arrive in plain boxes, and your credit card statement shows our Company name DG Products Ltd and not Belle De Soir

We offer a price match guarantee more details are available at http://www.belledesoir.com/price-match

We are a Limited Company registered in England and are VAT registered. The benefit to you is that we are a real company that complies with UK Laws. Many retailers on the web are not registered in the UK and / or are not VAT registered. It’s worth Checking if they are they must say it on their websites

We protect your data correctly and respect your privacy. We will only communicate with you to confirm or update you on progress of your orders or if you choose to receive our newsletter we will keep you updated with all our news and be among the first to receive our promotions

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