PharmQuests Get Hard

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PharmQuests Get Hard

The ingredients in Get Hard will help you get hard faster.

The stimulant ingredients in Get Hard are released quickly into a cell-communicator of the penile tissue. The Get Hard liquid improves how effectively cells respond to stimulant neurotransmitters. Enhancement in signal transmission means creating a long-lasting communication between neurons and improved synaptic strength, thus getting the penis hard quickly.

Directions for use: spray Get Hard 1 to 3 times directly onto the penis. Allow 15 minutes to take effect. The Get Hard ingredients have now soaked into the skin of the penis skin tissue thoroughly where it can develop its local stimulant effect. Get Hard comes in a discreet handy pump dispenser that looks like a pen.

Actual Dimensions

Overall from top to bottom

Size metric: 6ml

Size imperial: 0.02oz

Detailed Materials and Care

Material: Select Materials


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