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Adult Novelties Gifts

Adult Novelties Gifts

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We have selected a range of novelties for your amusement. Great for hen nights, parties, or just for a giggle. If you cannot find what you want let us know at and we will try our best to help.

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Candy Bra
Candy Bra CAndy Bra, Sweeties cunningly fashioned into a cute comfortable bra! Whether you want ..
Candy G-String
Candy G-String Do you remembecandy bracelets and necklaces from the sweet shop now the Candy G-St..
Lipstick Vibrator - Maxxximum Factor Lipstick Vibe
Maxxximum Factor Lipstick Vibe Sleek, sexy, and undercover - every girl needs one of these discr..
Monogamy Game
Monogamy Game This Monogamy Game is a two player extravaganza, perfect for those long winter nig..
Ours Weekender Kit
Ours Weekender Kit This Ours Weekender Kit is a two player extravaganza, perfect for those long ..

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