Sliquid Organics Natural Gel Thick Lubricant 255ml

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Sliquid Organics Natural Gel Thick Lubricant 255ml

Sliquid Organics Natural Gel Thick Lubricant 255ml - Botanically infused with natural ingredients.

Sliquid Organics Natural Gel Thick Lubricant 255ml is an ultra-thick purified water based organic lubricant, botanically infused with certified natural ingredients.

Formulated using the same ingredients as Sliquid Organics Natural, it is then infused with additional plant cellulose to create a thick, luxurious gel which is hypoallergenic, non-toxic and 100% vegan friendly!

Sliquid Organics Natural Gel is ideal to use on your most delicate body tissue with its neutral ph balance, and is designed to stay wherever it is put for maximum comfort.

Perfect for anal play or use with your favourite toys, this organic lubricant will provide all the slickness you desire, with the extra padding you need for your most sensitive tissues.

Sliquid Organics Natural Gel is water based and water-soluble, making it extremely easy to clean up, and will not become sticky or tacky.

This thick gel lubricant is unflavoured, unscented and provides non-staining formula.

Sliquid is formulated to be entirely sugar and sugar derivative free (glycerin), and with sparse amounts of only the safest ingredients, making it the cleanest, most natural lubricant on the market.

Glycerin, glycol and glycerol draw moisture both from the air and anything they come in contact with, making them very slippery; which is why they are found in most lubricants. However, they are also sugar derivatives, and may contribute to yeast infections and UTI's, especially in those who are already prone to them. Plant cellulose from organically sourced cotton fibres are used as an alternative to glycerin, and if you look closely you can see a little cloudiness in the lubricants. Sliquid products are formulated to be hypoallergenic, using only the safest and purest ingredients available. Unlike other lubricants all the ingredients in Sliquid are written on the bottle because it has been formulated by sensitive women, for sensible women.

Actual Dimensions

Overall from top to bottom

Size metric: 255 ml

Size imperial: 8.5 oz

Detailed Materials and Care

Material: Purified Water, Plant Cellulose (from Cotton), Aloe Barbadensis*, Natural Tocopherols (Vitamin E), Cyamopsis (Guar Conditioners), Extracts of Hibiscus*, Flax*, Green Tea* & Sunflower Seed*, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid (Citrus Fruits)

Cleaning: Warm Water and Soap

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