Anal toys add more to your sex life

There are many benefits to using anal sex toys to spice up your sex life.  You can do anything from using a vibrator around the anus to full penetration with a toy.  Some couples will quickly welcome the use of anal toys into their sex life while others will be more hesitant.  Either way, there are plenty of toys to try out that may be worth a try.

Beginners can dip a toe in with small beads, while a “go big or go home” user may opt for a large dildo or butt plug.  Anal lubes are essential as well as keeping in mind certain health precautions such as sanitation.

Why Should Men Try Anal Toys?

The number one reason to try out anal toys for men is to stimulate the prostate.  You would need a dildo or vibrator with a flared base and ensure that you have proper lubrication.

Many say that prostate massage helps with health, prostate cancer and general happiness. For men, just about any kind of anal toy would work, from dildos, vibrators, butt plugs and anal beads. There are even some hands-free options foranal play that simply involve inserting the device and rocking back and forth.

How Can Women Enjoy Using Anal Toys?

For women, anal toys can be used in the same way, before or during sexual intercourse, during fellatio, or on its own.  You can find anal, vaginal and clitoral stimulating devices on the market that have different modes of vibration. This offers versatile 3-in-one action.

There are many techniques that can be used in terms of anal play. These include leaving the toy in during sex, and waiting until orgasm to use it to enhance  sensations.  Everyone is different and there are quite a few toys and methods, so it is a great way to experiment with your sexual preferences.  Adding anal toys can be a fun way to spice up your love life. There are plenty of options for choices, and even a few silly ones on the market!

How To Use Anal Sex Toys Safely

Lastly, like all sexual toys, it is important to be safe. As noted, always choose an anal device with a flared end, because you don’t want to lose anything!

Always use proper lubrication. Remember that the anus is designed for things to go out of it, not in. Make sure that if you are using anal toys on yourself that you should be relaxed.  And always sterilize your toys before using them or if using them between or among partners – there are special products on the line for this as well.

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