Anal Beads

Anal beads are ideal for beginners, or anyone who prefers to indulge in light anal play.  Because they are available in a range of sizes, you can use anal beads to find your own anal play comfort zone. You can start out with a thin, slender toy and then gradually work your way up to a larger size, or experiment with different shapes and sensations.

What are Anal Beads?

They’re a string of smooth, soft beads which often graduate in size. You can enjoy them in lots of different textures including plastic, silicone, glass, and metal.

Many are now not a traditional string but rather resemble a slender anal dildo with a series of graduated bumps. This makes them much easier to use, particularly for solo play. One of the most important features you will find on any set of anal beads, is an easy to grasp handle loop. This makes them easy to use at the height of your pleasure, and also importantly, difficult to lose!

If you’ve considered trying an anal toy in the past, but have been intimidated at the thought of it’s size – beads are a great starting point. They can be small, and unobtrusive.

How To Use Anal Beads

Anal play with beads can be intensely pleasurable. Many people only heard about them for the first time after watching the highly popular film 50 Shades of Grey. That move has set the scene for many a naughty night in, and the use of anal beads is no exception.

Here’s a basic overview of how to use them:-

  • Lube. For heaven’s sake don’t use them without it. A recipe for buyer’s remorse right there.
  • Anal beads are designed to be inserted one at a time then pulled out. Most people use them to create intense pleasure at the point of orgasm. However, It’s important to note that they aren’t some kind of orgasmic ripcord – slow and steady is the key for many people.
  • The reason that anal beads are so pleasurable is they’re used in an incredibly nerve rich area. Every time you tease a bead out, you’ll experience those nerves being stimulated. The variance of size creates a lot of different and pleasurable sensations.
  • Once you’ve lubed up and carefully inserted your beads, you can enjoy some erotic fun, and then pull them out at the point of no return for an intense and heightened climax.

Different Types Of Anal Beads


They aren’t as common, but you can buy anal beads that also vibrate. Typically this function is limited to a bullet vibrator at the end of the beads. The beads themselves are fairly slim in construction so it is often easier to place a vibrator at the end of them.

These types of vibrating beads are often more similar to very slimline anal vibrators. Delicious buzzing sensations don’t travel well along thin sections of string. Some toy manufacturers also create a pocket in the end of the beads so you can insert your own bullet if you wish to indulge in a bit of buzzing bum fun.


Although glass anal didos and butt plugs are more common, glass beads are an ideal way to bring a bit of temperature play into your bedroom fun. They can be heated or cooled to create pleasurable and varied sensations. Many people also enjoy the very smooth texture of a glass sex toy. Glass anal beads will slide out very easily meaning you don’t need to worry about catching or friction during play.


Like glass, metal offers some great temperature play opportunities. Be careful with any heating though – the sensitive anal area would not be a great place to cop a scald. Metal beads are often much heavier with some being weighted, giving yet another variation on the almost infinite varieties of sensations you can experience.


Silicone is a very popular material for beads. It’s very safe to use on this delicate area of your body because of it’s non-pourous properties. That’s good because it makes your beads easy to clean, and silicone does not harbour nasty bacteria. The texture of silicone is firm but flexible making it a great material for anal play beginners. High quality silicone will be very smooth rather than rubbery, making it very easy to tease out the beads at the point of orgasm. Silicone can also be warmed for extra pleasurable sensations.


Strings of beads were the traditional way to enjoy play with anal beads. It goes without saying that you should avoid any cheaply constructed strings of anal beads. A breakage could lead to problems with losing beads inside your rectum, which might mean you have to seek medical assistance. Also, nylon string is almost impossible to clean, so do ensure that you

Anal Bead Care – How To Clean Them

It’s very important to clean your anal beads properly. They are used in the same place fecal matter exits your body. Even if you clean the area before use, the rectum can still harbour bacteria.

It’s particularly important to clean a toy that’s been inside the rectum before it’s used vaginally. The bacteria found in the rectum can cause some pretty nasty infections if it gets into the vagina.

The level of care you need to take when cleaning sex toys depends on the material you’re cleaning. Adult toys can be divided into two categories: Porous and Non-Porous.

Dildos and sex toys made from rubber, jelly, and latex based materials are porous. This makes them a lot more difficult to clean properly because even with cleaning, bacteria are able to stay inside the pores. Anal beads made from these materials are unlikely to ever be entirely clean. For best results, use very hot soapy water and give them a thorough scrub.  If you have beads or sex toys made from these materials, it would be best to avoid using them vaginally.

Anal beads made from glass, steel, or silicone are non porous which means they are less likely to hold on to bacteria. You can clean glass and steel sex toys by boiling them. Silicone toys can be cleaned using super hot soapy water. You can also use a specialist sex toy cleaning product which most online adult retailers will sell when you are buying your toys.


How Much Do Anal Beads Cost?

One of the reasons beads are so popular as an entry level anal sex toy is the price point. You can get a basic toy for a few pounds, with higher end beads costing all the way up to around £50. At the upper end you’d be tending to get additional functionality such as some kind of vibrator, love eggs, or high quality construction material.

How Fast Should You Pull Anal Beads Out?

This is not a race, do not yank anal beads out like you’re trying to start a lawnmower. It’ll probably hurt, and you won’t get the desired effect which is to create a heightened orgasm. Just take it fairly slow the first time until you can hit the pace that works best for you.

How To Use Anal Beads Safely

When purchasing anal bead toys make sure that there’s a good handle / wedge shape on the end. All good anal sex toys will have something on the end to prevent anything getting lodged in the rectum.

For the same reason, it’s important to satisfy yourself that the construction of the anal beads is of high quality. Anything that might snap in the heat of the moment should be rejected. It’s far better to spend a few quid extra on your new sex toy than to suffer a product failure of the worst possible kind.

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