Anal Dildos

Textured to offer delicious stimulation in just the right spots, anal dildos are available in just about every shape, size, and texture imaginable. From small and smooth to huge ribbed monsters, there’s a dildo for everyone’s pleasure.

The selection of anal toys has increased to keep pace with the popularity of anal play. This sensual pleasure is now openly spoken about in mainstream media, leading more sexual adventurers to try it for themselves.

Different Types Of Anal Dildo

If you are choosing a dildo for the first time, it’s good to familiarise yourself with the different materials and textures available. That will make it easier to decide on what type of anal toy you’d like to try first, or discover your next naughty purchase!


Silicone anal dildos are usually smooth. The texture is velvety, and the consistency is a little soft. This makes them great for beginners and easy to use.


Soft, squishy, and often brightly coloured. Jelly dildos are super fun and the squishy texture means it’s highly flexible, letting you hit your sweet spots perfectly.


Thrills ahead! Glass may not seem like the best thing to be inserting into your rectum. However, glass anal toys are made from borosilicate glass which is the same as pyrex.

The texture will be firm and unyielding. Whilst that may be intimidating to some, it’s great to target the prostate with a unique stimulation that will guarantee intense orgasmic pleasure. As an added bonus, you can enjoy temperature play. The glass will be naturally fairly cold. You can either warm it up, or cool it down in water. If you’re super adventurous… try ice.


Who’s a greedy girl? Double dildos let you fill yourself with pleasure. Designed to curve in the middle so you can enjoy anal and vaginal penetration at the same time. These tend to be made of pliable jelly so that they are easy to mould to suit your body shape.


If you want to ride solo, a suction cup will stick firmly to any smooth surface leaving your hands free to enjoy other pleasures.

Anal Dildo FAQ’s

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What To Use As An Anal Dildo?

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Can I Use The Same Dildo Anally and Vaginally?

What’s The Best Lube To Use With An Anal Dildo?

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