Anal Vibrators

Anal Vibrators are great for anal sex play and come in a variety of different types. Choose from small toys through to large anal probes. Jelly vibrators are more suitable for beginners due to their soft, squidgy consistency.

Larger, firmer options are for those that are more comfortable with anal play. You can find vibrators and large anal probes that come with variable speed settings so that you can turn up the vibrations to a level you feel comfortable with. Available in lots of different sizes and textures, you’ll easily find the right vibe for you.

Remember that the anus does not produce its own lubrication. Buy some lube to use with any anal sex toy for the best possible experience.

There are lots of different vibrators to choose from for your anal play. Here’s our top picks of the best types of anal vibrator to enjoy.

Vibrating Anal Beads

Vibrating anal beads offer delicious low key stimulation for beginners or anyone who enjoys light anal play. They most usually have a bullet vibrator at the bottom of a slender dildo. Enjoy buzzing stimulation from the beads as the graduated sizes create a pleasurable stretch and release sensation.

From large beads to something more low key, you won’t have any problems finding your anal unicorn (pun intended). There’s plenty of options to choose from and lots of different textures to try. Silicone is popular for its smooth texture which delivers lots of stimulation with minimal friction.

Prostate Vibrators

Find that male g-spot with a prostate vibrator. These specialist anal vibrators are perfectly shaped to help you hit the peaks of pleasure. The curved tip will seek out your P-spot, and massage to blissful perfection.

If you’ve never tried this type of anal vibration before, a P-spot orgasm is said to be more intense than a penile orgasm. This type of anal play will bring a whole new layer to your sensual pleasure.

Vibrating Anal Plugs

Vibrating Anal Plugs let you enjoy erotic anal stimulation at the same time as indulging in other play. Kitted out with a flared base to ensure they stay in place, you can find a plug that’s as big or small as you want.

Pulsating sensations ripple to all your sweet spots for an intensely pleasurable experience. The most popular material for a vibrating anal plug is silicone. It’s body safe, easy to clean, and super smooth for comfortable insertion.

Anal Rabbit Vibrators

The by now legendary rabbit vibrator can give you even more bang for your buck than ever before. Offering an explosion of erotic pleasure, an anal rabbit vibrator lets you enjoy simultaneous stimulation of all those sweet spots. Featuring an anal, vaginal, and clitoral vibrator you will experience intense and almost overwhelming orgasmic pleasure.

Tickle and tease your way to an orgasm you’ll never forget with an anal rabbit. You may never want to leave the house again with one of these in your toy stash.

Silicone Anal Vibrators

Super smooth and friction free, silicone anal vibrators are a popular choice. Body safe and easy to insert, silicone gives a great soft and silky sensation during use.

Add lube and you’ll have a super soft and slidy session of anal fun with no distractions to your pleasure. Soft silicone is easy to manoeuvre so you can easily hit those sweet spots.

Jelly Anal Vibrators

Super soft, squishy, and pliable. Jelly Anal Vibrators still offer firm stimulation but are very flexible. That means you can easily manipulate them for some serious erogenous zone pleasure.

A jelly anal vibrator is ideal for anyone wanting to challenge themselves a little with toy size. You can level up knowing that there’s a little flexibility there to help ease the toy in.

Anal Vibrator FAQ’s

Are Anal Vibrators Safe?

Anal vibrators are absolutely safe so long as you ensure you buy one that has been designed for anal use. It’s very important to ensure that your vibrator has an appropriately flared base so it stays where it’s supposed to be. You don’t want to become a Junior Doctor’s “guess what I saw at A&E today?” story.

As long as you use your toy in an appropriate way, you won’t suffer any injury or health issues. Don’t forget to use lots of lube and take things easy if it’s a new toy. Also, if you’re using an anal toy with a partner in control, make sure to communicate well with them about any discomfort.

How To Use An Anal Vibrator?

Anal vibrators are very easy to use. It’s important to ensure your toy has been designed for anal use, and also make sure you use plenty of lube.

If you are a beginner, it’s a good idea to start out with a relatively small anal vibrator so you can get used to the sensations and easily insert the toy. The main thing is to take it slowly and gently. If there’s any discomfort at all, stop immediately. If you choose the right toy to start with however, it should just be a question of slowly and gently inserting the anal vibrator and enjoying delicious buzzing sensations.

How To Make An Anal Vibrator?

Don’t. Just don’t. Never place a thing up your bum that wasn’t designed to be in there.  It’s not a good idea to try and make any type of anal sex toy. The thing about your bum is, that sometimes it’ll make a concerted attempt to eat whatever you’ve stuck in it. That’s the nature of backdoor pleasure, sometimes the rectum fights back and even improbably large items can quickly disappear out of reach.

Unless you get off on telling doctors that you accidentally tripped and fell on a lubed up giant parsnip whilst indulging in a spot of naked cleaning… don’t.

Can You Use a G-Spot Vibrator Anally?

It’s not a great idea to use toys interchangeably between the anus and the vagina. The anus has some pretty funky bacteria hiding out up there, and you wouldn’t want to introduce it to your vagina’s ecosystem.

It’s better to buy a dedicated anal vibrator so you can enjoy safe and pleasurable stimulation without any problems. It’s also very important to clean any anal vibrator thoroughly after use.

Are Butt Plugs or Anal Vibrators Best For Beginners?

Either a butt plug or anal vibrator can suit a beginner – you just have to make sure that you buy the right one for your needs. Butt plugs and anal vibrators are both available in slender and small sizes that would suit an anal newbie.

You can buy training butt plugs, and slender anal vibrators or some of the smaller vibrating anal beads might also suit your needs.

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