Sex in public

Sex in public – what’s the worst that could happen?

What’s the worst place you’ve ever had sex? Most people who’ve been relatively adventurous might have run the risk of getting caught, but could you do worse than this couple, who were arrested for having sex in a bus shelter in broad daylight?

Residents of Penzance in Cornwall phoned the police with complaints after spotting drunk couple Demelza Lentell and Jamie Lynn getting it on in public. The pair told the police that they’d both drunk so much they didn’t know what they were doing, but onlookers got the full picture, as it were.

To be fair, anyone who braves the British weather for a spot of alfresco sex is clearly more adventurous than most, and perhaps the judge agrees. Although the couple were charged with ‘outraging public decency’, they managed to avoid a prison sentence.

But it got us thinking – while a bus shelter is a fairly low bar in terms of romance – what are the worst possible places to have sex?

Sex In a car

It’s not unusual to get down to things in a car – sexy make-outs in the back seat of a taxi or some private time when someone’s given you a lift home. But cars can be dangerous places, not least because – even in the most remote lay by – you still risk a knock on the window from the police.

Actress Gillian Taylforth was famously caught with her fiancee in a lay by. The couple denied doing anything sexy, but that didn’t stop the police from intervening in what they thought looked like an intimate moment.

Better alternative: if you’re going to risk having an impulsive moment, you’re best off doing it on private property. Got a friend with a country house and a long driveway? That might be the best bet. Oh, and don’t forget to switch the engine off, and steer clear of the handbrake. Nothing kills the mood like the moment when you realise you’re rolling downhill…

Sex In a country where it’s illegal

If you’re considering sex on a beach, this story completely overshadows any concerns about sand ・ one couple was jailed for three months after having sex on a beach in Dubai. The country has very strict public decency laws, as well as a specific law forbidding sex outside marriage.

The pair claimed they weren’t having sex at all – just kissing and hugging – and that the people who reported them had just misconstrued what was going on. That didn’t stop the judge passing a three-month sentence, though, and the poor pair were put in jail.

Better alternative: if you’re travelling abroad, and you’re not sure about the laws of the country, it’s best to keep things inside your hotel room. We’ve got some recommendations for the top romantic holiday destinations if you’re planning a sexy 2015 – just make sure you don’t get into trouble!


The most popular sexual fantasies

What are the most popular sexual fantasies?

If you had to guess what the most popular sexual fantasies were, you might go for some of the classics: threesomes, role play, maybe a bit of bondage. But a recent study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine shows that there’s much more to sexual fantasies than you might think.

Researchers from the University of Montreal surveyed over 1,500 men and women about their sexual fantasies, giving them 55 common ones and asking them to rank them, as well as to describe one of their sexual fantasies in detail. Their aim was to find out just how common certain desires were, and what counted as an ‘atypical’ fantasy. You might be surprised at how romantic the results were.

Most common fantasies

When asked to rank the statements about sexual fantasies chosen by the researchers, the top results were:

–      I like to feel romantic emotions during a sexual relationship

–      Taking part in oral sex

–      Having sex in an unusual place

–      Atmosphere and location are important in my sexual fantasies

–      Having sex in a romantic location

It looks like the people who participated in the study were keen to get down to it in a variety of interesting and romantic places. Maybe they need to head to one of the sexiest holiday destinations we recommended over the summer…

How common are your fantasies?

You might have wondered before just how common your own sexual fantasies are. If you dream of being tied up, are you unusual? Or is that quite a typical fantasy?

The researchers distinguished between ‘rare’, ‘unusual’, ‘common’ and ‘typical’ fantasies, so if you find yours on the list you can work out just where you fit in terms of the general population.

Rare fantasies are those favoured by 2.3% or less of the people surveyed. These include things like having sex with an animal. Unusual fantasies are those with 15.9% or less, like having your sexual partner urinate on you (or vice versa).

Common means ‘more than 50%’, and quite a few BDSM fantasies fall into this category, while ‘typical’ (over 84.1%) includes the top 5 list above.

Sexual fantasies more popular with men

Unsurprisingly, given that 85% of the respondents identified as straight, one of the most popular male fantasies was ‘having sex with two women’, and just watching two women make love came out pretty high on the guy’s list as well.

Sadly for the guys who are keen to fulfil this particular fantasy, fewer than 50% of women responded positively to either of these.

Sexual fantasies that won’t be fulfilled

Interestingly, the study also highlighted the fact that some participants wanted the fantasies to remain purely in their heads: they never actually wanted to carry them out. Although plenty of women had fantasies involving submission, many said that they didn’t want these things to actually happen: the fantasy was a turn-on, but they wouldn’t want it to happen in real life.

There are certain fantasies which are unlikely to happen in real life because they’re difficult to do: threesomes, group sex, and if you’re strapped for cash then anything that involves having sex on a gorgeous white sandy beach might have to be put on the back burner! But there are many more things which are unlikely to happen because the person who dreams of it has decided that in real life it wouldn’t be nearly as fun as it is in their head.

Do you think your fantasies are common, or rare? And do you have fantasies that you think you’ll never want, or be able to, carry out?


Observer sex survey

Observer sex survey – what is the sexual ‘average’?

This week the Observer released some data from a huge sex survey, carried out across the whole of the UK. Their aim was to update results they’d gathered in 2008, and find out whether anything significant had changed since they first peeked into our bedrooms six years ago….

Now, before we go any further it’s worth pointing out that the survey has been criticised by academic researchers in the field – not least by Dr Petra Boynton, who explained exactly why the 2008 survey was flawed:

Observer=latest to churn out poor sex study a follow up on shonky effort from 2008 /cont

— Petra Boynton (@DrPetra) September 28, 2014

So we’re not going to tell you that the survey results are right, but they do raise some interesting questions and provide a good opportunity to explore what matters to each of us, so we thought we’d throw one of the biggest questions open to you.

How often do you have sex each month?

One of the headline findings from their research was – they announced – that couples in the UK seem to be having much less sex now than they did six years ago. In 2008 they reported that the ‘average’ was seven times a month, but in 2014 that has apparently gone down to just four times a month.

Some people reported having sex up to thirty times a month – roughly once a day – while others said that in a typical month they’d probably not have sex at all.

Thing is, an average here can be pretty meaningless when you’re talking about people’s sex lives. Why? Because sex isn’t necessarily about quantity – having an awesome sex life is all about making sure that you’re enjoying what you’re doing when you’re doing it. Some couples will have an ‘ideal’ number of once or twice a week, whereas others will prefer to have sex far more frequently. Others might rather skip quickies but have one amazing night together each month.

We often hear the question of whether size matters – but does quantity matter to you? When survey figures like this are reported there’s often a lot of sadness that people aren’t having sex as frequently as they used to be, but what if the sex people are having is better and more fulfilling?

With more sex toys on the market – for women, men, and for couples to use together – our regular sex lives may have changed beyond what past generations could imagine. At Belle de Soir we want people to have pleasurable, passionate sex – whether they’re having it once a month or three times a day.

What do you think? Is there an ‘average’ that you aim for in your relationship? Would you be disappointed if you and your partner had less sex? Or are you happy with the amount you’re getting at the moment?

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Phone Sex

How not to have phone sex (and how to do it right)

Ever since we’ve had phones, we’ve had phone sex. Just as we’ll always be tempted to use digital cameras to snap sexy pictures, tech will always be used for sex – we just can’t help ourselves. This week we’re giving a run-down on phone sex: how not to do it, and some tips to make it amazing.

This week a Councillor in Wigan was disciplined for running up a £2,400 mobile phone bill by calling sex chat lines. Robert Bleakley – the councillor in question – has had his phone removed and has been banned from speaking to women in the workplace.

That second bit might sound a bit harsh to you – after all, calling sex chat lines isn’t exactly a crime – until you realise that he broke two of the key rules about how not to have phone sex.

How not to have phone sex

Rule one: never ever use your work phone. Just don’t. Same goes for browsing porn. If your phone was given to you by your employer, they can take it off you at any time, so it’s not the best place to store your secrets. It’s hard to believe that we have say this, but it turns out that politicians just aren’t as sensible as the rest of us.

Rule two: always be respectful. While there might not be any ‘in and out’, phone sex is still sex of a kind, so respect for the other person is vital. This is something the councillor forgot, demonstrating instead a complete lack of respect for women. When they seized the phone his bosses found texts describing women as “just cooking and washing material.” Charming.

Rule three: if you get caught breaking the rules above, thank your lucky stars you weren’t fired, because you probably deserve to be. Still, we assume none of our readers would fall into these traps, and for those of you who fancy some dirty chat, here are our tips on how to have great phone sex.

Better ways to have phone sex

Practise! Whether you’re just on your own (there’s no harm in talking to yourself – it’s all in a good cause!) or with your partner, swapping stories back and forward to try and work out what you both find hot, practise really does make perfect.

Perhaps the most important thing is to understand which words each of you likes to use. We’re not all erotica writers, and there’s nothing worse than a misplaced ‘throbbing member’ if you’re trying to keep your partner horny. Likewise you don’t necessarily want to get too medical and sound like you’re in the doctor’s surgery.

Accessorize! As you have to balance your phone in one hand it can sometimes be difficult to masturbate during phone sex. So it’s the perfect excuse to pick up your favourite toy ・ not that you really need an excuse, of course! Most sex toys are pretty easy to use one-handed, although men might prefer to use something like the Pulse ・ a masturbator that can even be used hands-free. For women we’d recommend whatever your favourite vaginal or clitoral vibe is ・ a rabbit vibrator, for instance, or a simple clitoral vibrator. The main thing is it should be something fairly quiet – after all, you don’t want something to drown out your practised sex chat.

If you want to really push the boat out, there are sex toys available that your partner can use on you even if he’s not in the same room. The amazing We Vibe 4 Plus comes with an app that controls the vibrations. Give your partner control of the app, and he can adjust the vibrations even if he’s on another continent, hearing your reaction to the different vibration patterns and building you to an intense orgasm.

As we said at the beginning, wherever there’s a technology, someone will be using it for sex. And with the advances in both sex toys and apps, combining the two so that you can play with your partner even over a long distance – surely this is the ultimate phone sex experience? At least, until someone invents the next big thing…


Sexy selfies

Do you take sexy selfies?

You can’t have missed the shocking news this week that a number of celebrities have had their private sexy selfies leaked to the world.

If you’ve ever taken intimate pictures and shared them with a partner, you can probably understand the upset that certain people are going through. Mary Elizabeth Winstead – one of those who’d had her private pictures published – made it very clear what she thought of the person who hacked her.

Knowing those photos were deleted long ago, I can only imagine the creepy effort that went into this. Feeling for everyone who got hacked.

— Mary E. Winstead (@M_E_Winstead) August 31, 2014

We couldn’t agree more.

Sharing intimate pictures

We’re obviously fans of people expressing their sexuality. What’s not to love about sharing intimate moments with your partner? Whether you’re in a long-distance relationship or even in the next room, sometimes a bit of visual stimulation is a fantastic way to turn your partner on.

Obviously there are drawbacks – the fact that these pictures can be shared or stolen is understandably offputting to some people, and there are many who would never take a picture of themselves naked in case it fell into the wrong hands.

The law on sexy selfies

Let’s make one thing crystal clear: there’s nothing wrong (and certainly nothing illegal, if you’re an adult) with taking naked pictures of yourself. If you’re over 18 and you want to snap something saucy to send to your partner, then you’ve done nothing wrong. One of the huge problems with the recent celebrity photo leak is that it has been met with a wave of comments saying “well, what do you expect? If you take naked photos you have to accept that they’ll be shared.”

At Belle de Soir we completely disagree. Sure, it’s worth being careful with your snaps, but not because there’s anything wrong with taking them, just because there are unscrupulous people who might share them. No one ‘deserves’ to have their sexy selfies stolen or shared any more than they’d ‘deserve’ to have someone hide in their bedroom closet.

In the celebrity photo leak, the victims had their images hacked and stolen, but that’s not the only way they can get out. In the UK, there’s a campaign underway to #BanRevengePorn – to put in place specific laws to punish ex-lovers who share images without your consent. We’re all for punishing people who share – after all, in an ideal world no one would ever publish sexy pictures without anyone’s consent.

Do you take sexy selfies?

We’d love to know your thoughts on this. Taking sexy pictures is becoming more common these days, and is something that many couples do to turn their partner on when they’re apart for a while, or just when they’re feeling frisky. Do you send sexy selfies? Is it something you’d consider? Or are you worried about unscrupulous partners or hackers, putting your pics on the internet?

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Top sex mistakes, and how to avoid them

Top sex mistakes, and how to avoid them

We all know the feeling – you’re halfway through a steamy session, and something happens that completely kills the mood. If it’s your partner’s faux pas (falling off the bed, saying something funny during dirty talk) it might be easy to laugh it off. But what if it’s your own mistake? That cringing feeling can work like a bucket of cold water.

Recently a survey quizzed people in the UK on the most common sex mistakes, and the list makes for cringeworthy reading.

Top of the list is ‘misdirected thrusting’, which could probably cover a number of things – from accidentally humping the duvet to the more painful moments when a guy pulls out a bit too far and bashes into you on the in-stroke.

Common sex mistakes

We were surprised that number two on the list is so common – calling out the wrong person’s name in bed. A whopping 42 per cent of people said they’d experienced this. Are there really that many forgetful people in the country? Perhaps our memories just don’t work as well when we’re in the heat of the moment.

‘Falling off the bed’ came in at number three, and it’s happened to 39 per cent of people. We think this is good news as it implies a bit of adventurous lovemaking, which we’re obviously keen on! Perhaps we should start selling crash helmets.

Other mistakes included sustaining injuries (29%) or falling asleep during sex (21%), while others reported getting stuck in restraints.

How to avoid sex mistakes

There are some simple ways to avoid some of these mistakes. If you’re using bondage equipment and restraints, always make sure you practise securing and unfastening them elsewhere before trying them on an eager partner. If you’re using bondage rope, make sure you’ve got a pair of scissors to hand in case you need to get your partner out of them in a hurry.

A fair few of the mistakes can be solved with better communication. Saying the wrong thing during dirty talk can be a bit of a mood killer, but if you have a chat with your partner about their turn ons and turn offs when it comes to their favourite sex words, this is a mistake that will only ever happen once. And as for ‘misdirected thrusting’, a quiet word should be enough to point your partner in the right direction.

Above all, though, while our hearts go out to those who have cringed through a few sex mistakes of their own, the best sex is always going to put you at risk of some of these problems. Having great sex is like doing anything really well – you have to accept that sometimes it’s not going to be perfect. After all, if we want to avoid falling off the bed, the easiest way is to avoid more adventurous positions – but where’s the fun in that?

Have you or your partner ever made any of these sex mistakes? And how did you deal with it?

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Four lessons you never knew would make you better in bed

Four lessons you never knew would make you better in bed

We learn a lot at school that we don’t always take forward in life – whether it’s an equation to help us calculate pi or an interpretation of a Shakespearian sonnet, quite a lot of what we’ve learned seems a bit… well… useless when you go out into the world.

But there are plenty of skills that you might have picked up when you were younger that can come in extraordinarily handy in the bedroom…

Modern Languages

We might all have struggled through “comment t’appelle tu?” in French lessons, but those people who took it a bit further have a huge advantage when it comes to sexy chat – especially if they’ve learnt one of the traditionally ‘sexy’ languages (such as Italian).

Whether your partner speaks a foreign language or not, whispering a few sexy-sounding things in their ear could get them right into the mood. If you can’t speak another language? Don’t worry – there’s always time to learn if you want to, and in the meantime here are three handy phrases that you can use to cheat:

Something romantic:

English: “I’m crazy for you” Spanish “Estoy loca por ti”

Something seductive:

English: “I want to see you naked” Italian “Mi piacerebbe da pazzi vederti nudo.”

Or something straight to the point:

English: “Your cock is so big” Japanese “Chinko ga ookii.”

Physical Education

OK, maybe this one’s cheating, because we all know that being fit and healthy can be a real bonus in the bedroom – better stamina, for a start, and the ability to stretch yourself into weird and wonderful new positions. But there can be even more benefits to certain physical activity that you may not have considered.

Yoga, for instance, is not only good for your core strength, stamina, and focus, it can also potentially help with sexual problems. A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2007 suggested that practising yoga could help those who suffer from premature ejaculation.

Extra curricular activities

Ever been in the scouts/guides? Well, those lessons in ropes and knots certainly come in handy when your partner is eager to be tied to your bed. Although Cosmopolitan magazine makes it sound easy to dominate someone using just silk scarves and a sexy voice, if you want to graduate onto bondage rope you need to know a knot or two.

While some of us spend a while learning how to get bondage knots just right, those with scouting or guiding experience are streaks ahead.

If you want to develop your own skills, it’s best to start with a good background to make sure you’re playing safely. This excellent free BDSM ebook, by Charlie Hale, gives a good grounding in all kinds of BDSM, including bondage, and there’s a list of recommendations for further reading if you want to be top of the kinky class.

Music lessons

Not only can you impress your partner with a particularly good solo performance, your skills as a musician can come in very handy in the bedroom.

If you play a wind instrument, like the flute or clarinet, you’ve probably learned to be very controlled with your breathing – a definite bonus if you’re giving oral sex. If your instrument is something like the piano or guitar – one that requires quick fingers and skilled hands, then you’re at an advantage when using your hands to make your partner come.

Want to pick up this skill? There are a million and one music tutorials on the web, and this Lifehacker article gives you a great overview of how to get started. The most important thing is to make sure you pick an instrument you love – after all, it’s not sexy if you’re not enjoying it!

So there we have it – four lessons that are pretty damn useful in bed. How did you score? And are there any other tricks you’ve picked up that you reckon could be handy in the bedroom?

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Top Dommes: the perfect antidote to Fifty Shades of Grey

Top Dommes: the perfect antidote to Fifty Shades of Grey

It’s started – with the release of the much-hyped Fifty Shades of Grey trailer this week, you can expect a lot more discussion of dominant guys, submissive loved-up ladies, and the Red Room of Pain. The book that captured many people’s sexual imagination has been simultaneously celebrated for bringing some popular fantasies into the open and criticised for its portrayal of BDSM sex.

In fact, the film has sparked so much debate that you might be suffering from Fifty Shades exhaustion already. If you’re a fan, we’ve embedded the video at the end of the post, for you to enjoy all the tantalising oohs and sultry looks from Jamie Doornan (who plays Christian Grey). If, however, you’re looking for an antidote to Ana Steele, look no further than our round up of the best Domme sex blogs.

Sexy sites with women on top


Sharyn Ferns is the author of Domme Chronicles – a memoir that charts her intensely passionate experiences with dominance. Over on her website – – she posts similar stories as well as snippets of advice and wisdom for those of you who want to explore your own dominant side.

In particular, if you’re interested in exploring, check out some of the helpful Q+A posts in which she answers questions from readers. Lots of dominant inspiration!

Submissive Guy Comics

A lovely take on female dominance and male submission from the perspective of a submissive. Submissive Guy draws some incredibly cute, very sexy pictures of couples in strikingly real situations. The hotness comes not just from the scenarios but from the realism – there are no PVC corsets and spiky stilettoes here, as all the pictures show men and women getting it on. It’s cute as well as sexy.

In particular, check out one of the most romantic pictures he’s ever drawn. A glass of wine and an adoring man just waiting to please – what more could anyone want?

Dumb Domme

We’ve saved the best for last! Based in the US, Dumb Domme is witty, sexy and touching all at the same time. Her blog charts the ups and downs of her dominance, and gives you a real glimpse into what life is like as a Domme.

In particular, check out her Q + A page, in which she cuts through the bullshit and sends submissive men crying for their mums.

Want to explore your dominant side?

If you’re feeling inspired, the best way to start exploring your dominant side is to talk to your partner about your fantasies. Perhaps pick some posts from the blog above and use them to start a discussion. If it’s game on, we’ve got plenty of bondage equipment to get you started – whether you’re after a sensual silk blindfold or even your own riding crop.
Who knows – maybe soon you’ll be kitting out your own red room of pain…


Arousal Problems For Women

Arousal Problems For Women

What do you do when sex just isn’t sexy enough?

We’ve all seen the pop-up ads and the spam offering help with male arousal problems, but it’s far less common for people to discuss how arousal issues can affect women.

Women can struggle to get horny sometimes too. Just as a guy can find it hard to get… well… hard, women can often find it difficult to get wet. There are many different reasons this might happen: too much to drink, tiredness, stress, medication. The problem is much more common than people think.

Sometimes you just don’t want it

So what is it that stops people enjoying sex? The Metro this week published a (very unfunny) list of ‘things about sex that aren’t sexy’. Ranging from ‘it’s messy’ to ‘I make a strange sex face’, we think it’s a bit weird that things which are a normal part of most people’s sex lives would be seen as such a turn off.

Luckily, the Metro article was met with the right reaction – sex bloggers AnyGirlFriday and ExhibitUnadorned gave a run-down of just why the ‘unsexy sex’ article was wrong.

But although most of us enjoy sex in one way or another, there are often things that get in the way of our enjoyment. Reasons why – despite being keen – we’re more likely to turn down the chance of a bit of action. If this is something that affects you (and you’re certainly not alone if it is!) then here are some things that might help.

Reasons for a low sex drive

First thing’s first: if you find that your sex drive has plummeted recently, then there could be a number of factors. It could be due to stress, some new medication (have you switched contraceptive recently? That may be a factor), or something else. Perhaps you and your partner have got stuck in a routine that doesn’t do it for you, or maybe you’re just going through a low patch. If this is the case, there are a few things that might help:

– Talking to your partner. This is always a good place to start, and it may be the case that by discussing what’s troubling you, your partner can help.
– Talking to a doctor. If you’re concerned that the change might be due to a physical or mental health problem, have a chat with your doctor. There are many things that can affect your physical arousal, and you’re definitely not alone!
– Sex products. If you are keen on sex but you’re struggling to get physically aroused, then there are a lots of products that can help you. While men with erectile dysfunction can have a tricky time getting viagra, if a woman can’t get wet, there are plenty of lubes on the market. Check out our guide to buying lube, and pick a couple of your favourites to try out the next time you’re feeling frisky.

Sex should be fun – never an obligation!

Whatever you do, don’t feel like you have to have sex – if you’re not feeling up to it then struggling through is unlikely to make the earth move. You might like to take some time out just for you – to relax or masturbate on your own before you get into bed with a partner. At Belle de Soir, we’re all about fulfilling pleasure – your hottest dreams and fantasies – so for us, sex is about having a good time.

Alongside the terrible Metro article this week, we also saw news that one petulant husband had sent his wife a spreadsheet listing her ‘excuses’ for not wanting to have sex. These included ‘you’re too drunk’ and ‘I’ve just got back from the gym and feel gross.’ Pretty standard stuff, and we think most people can relate to at least one of her reasons – sometimes you’re just not in the mood! It seems like we should add one extra thing to the list of reasons someone might feel unsexy – ‘having a partner who feels like you owe him one.’

One thing’s for sure – if you’ve got problems there are plenty of things that might help, but sex is only ever going to be fun if you’re both into it.


Free sexy stories – hottest blogs to read this week

Free sexy stories – hottest blogs to read this week

The temperature’s rising, and while you might be getting hot and bothered in the sunshine, it’s far more fun getting hot and bothered in the bedroom.

Since the explosion of Fifty Shades of Grey, erotica has burst into the mainstream, with commuters everywhere packing their e-readers with something far more exciting than the morning paper. But it’s not just books that are turning us on – an online crowd of sex bloggers is producing smoking hot stories on a daily basis, all ready for you to read as inspiration for your own fun.

So we thought we’d do a quick round-up of some of the hottest things we’ve read recently. Check out the blogs below and let us know which is your favourite – or tell us in the comments, what do you read to get you in the mood?

Bitesize beauty

This gorgeous post by Love Hate Sex Cake is an excellent way to set the mood. A bitesize piece of erotica accompanied by a beautiful image, we think it’s one to send to your partner to get them really excited about what you’ll so together when they get home…

A homecoming to remember

If you’re after a longer read, A Dissolute Life tells us a gorgeous story about anticipation – lounging sleepily in bed while she waits for him to come through the door. If the beginning doesn’t hook you, the activities later in the story most certainly will…

A birthday spanking

If you prefer your erotica a bit more spicy, this birthday spanking story by Oleander Plume might be right up your street. It’s sensual, sexy, and the fact that it tells the story of a first time spanking means it’s the perfect introduction to BDSM erotica.

Incidentally, this story was part of a competition, in which Exhibit Unadorned (a male sex blogger with a penchant for taking sexy snaps of himself) asked people to submit erotic fiction on the subject of birthdays. If you’d like to see more, head over to his blog to view the sexy story winners.

Determined domination

If you prefer your men even more dominant (or you have a partner who you’d like to see taking a bit more control in the bedroom), Dominant Soul has written a blog on dominant games to play in the bedroom. It’s partly a how-to and partly a sexy story – well worth a read either on your own or together with your partner.
Are you hot yet? Of course you are. Why not pick your favourite of the blogs above, and send it to your partner as inspiration for when you’re next together? Or if you’ve got something hot of your own to share, add it to the comments below…