The original sex toy, dildos are usually penis shaped and come in a variety of lengths, girth and materials. They can be used for vaginal and anal pleasure. As dildos don’t vibrate and are less daunting than vibrators, they’re the perfect for beginners veenturing into the sex toy world.

Being used for penetration, they provide a sensation of fullness that may not be achieved with normal masturbation. For those wanting to experiment further there’s the double ended dildo which allows for simultaneous vaginal and anal penetration. Alternatively, two partners can achieve penetration sharing the same toy.

For an experience that is similar real sex, you can purchase dildos with suction cups that allow them to be stuck to a flat surface such as a bathroom tile. This allows you or your partner to relax and simulate real hands free sex.

There’s also the option of using a strap on harness. This allows the use to attach any size dildo. Various styles allow both sexes to make use of this quirky accessory. This allows same sex couples to have hands free sex if they choose too. Strap on dildos are available to buy with double ended. The wearer then receives pleasure whilst giving pleasure to their partner.

Just remember, there’s always a dildo out there that will suit your needs perfectly. You just have to let us help you find it. Enjoy your shopping

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