Double Ended Dildos

Increase your gratification levels by twice as much with Double Ended Dildos. These are the best lesbian dildos to share. You can enjoy fantastic anal and vaginal sex when using one of these versatile dongs.

Double dildos tend to come in every shape, size, and colour you can imagein. They are extremely bendable in consistency which means that they can be used by all kinds of couples. You can choose from an assortment of double headed dildos and lesbian dildos. The almost endless range of possibilities include classic black double dildos, vibrating double enders, veined double headed dildos, jelly double penetrators and many more.

How To Use Double Ended Dildos?

You can use a double ended dildo in so many thrilling ways. Here’s our top tip to get the best out of these toys.

  • A double dildo lets you get connected with your lover and to share pleasure as you move and thrust inside them.
  • Double dildos are all about penetration.
  • Good Double dildos are always made from skin friendly silicone for easy care
  • Choose a shaft size that your partner will enjoy
  • Always use a silicone compatible lubricant with your silicone toy – lube is essential for pleasurable penetrative play. Silicone compatible lubricants include all water based lubricants.

How To Clean Double Ended Dildos

Double Ended Dildo: Cleaning and Care

You need to clean your double ended dildo after each use. You should also clean the toy if you swap it with your partner during lovemaking. Use warm water and mild antibacterial soap to wash the toy thoroughly. Then dry it gently with a soft lint-free cloth.

This takes just a few minutes, but it will ensure that the play is totally safe and pleasurable to both you and your partner.

After use, you can apply some sex toy cleaner to sterilise your dong ready for your next naughty adventure!

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