Glass Dildos – Sex Toy Sculptures

Combine art with sex with glass dildos – sculptural sex toys that are almost too good to hide away.

Glass dildos also have one advantage over plastic sex toys.  Their beauty.  Many people feel embarrassed to walk into a sex toy store and purchase a dildo, but with glass toys the experience is more like purchasing a fine piece of art.

Not many people would be willing to leave their rubber vibrator on their dresser or coffee table for all to see. However, many glass toys appear no more sexual than a decorative vase, but are every bit as effective as their rubber counterparts.   Unlike a plastic sex toy, a glass toy adds a touch of class to every sexual encounter.

How To Use A Glass Dildo

Chilling Your Glass Sex Toy Can Be A Fun Surprise

Warming your toy can be fun but it’s not your only option. Chilling your glass toy can be quite exciting. Some people mention that they love the cool feeling during the heat of the moment. Others find it fun to surprise their partner at just the right time.

As with warming your toy you can chill them in a variety of ways, although it’s a good idea to use some caution. Be careful when placing anything that’s very cold directly on your skin as you may irritate sensitive skin or even cause injury.

How To Safely Chill Glass Dildos For Temperature Play

If you decide to place your glass toy in the freezer, monitor the length of time that it’s in there closely. Obviously if you were to leave it in there for a longer period of time it would become frozen and while your glass toy can handle it you may not. It goes without saying that a freezer burn is not an erotic pleasure.

Start slowly by either placing it in your refrigerator or in a bowl of cool water. Then work your way slowly toward colder temperatures as you discover what you like. Glass will get cold quickly, so you can easily try different temperatures by leaving it in the cold water a little longer each time. You may want to warn your partner before you try anything too cold although it can be a fun surprise.

Experimenting with cooler temperatures is really quite easy. For example you could start with a bowl of cool water then gradually leave your toy in there for longer periods of time. Eventually you’ll find that you may reach a point where it won’t get any colder so you can then add a few ice cubes. As you become more familiar with a cold toy you may want to try adding few more, then a few more and eventually work your way up to using a bowl of ice.

Glass Dildo FAQ’s

Are Glass Dildos Safe?

Absolutely. In many ways, glass sex toys are safer than traditional plastic sex toys. With plastic toys, you have the risk of chemicals such as phthalates. Many people are concerned that a glass dildo might break. They’re made to very high standards from super tough pyrex type glass (borosilicate).

Glass toys may look delicate, but much like the cookware made from the same materials, they are incredibly tough and hard wearing. They would never break during use. However, we do recommend that if you ever drop a glass dildo that you should retire it from use even if it does not break. A drop can introduce weakness into the glass and it’s not worth risking using one after an accident.

What Does A Glass Dildo Feel Like?

A glass sex toy will be naturally cool, smooth and sleek. That means it will offer a very different stimulation to materials like silicone. It will encounter less resistance, making it easier to move around in the vagina or anus to target your pleasurable places. Glass offers a firm stimulation which means you can easily massage your g-spot or prostate for some intense orgasms.

How Do You Clean A Glass Dildo?

Being made of pyrex, or borosilicate glass, glass dildos are very easy to clean. You can simply wash them in warm soapy water. It’s a good idea to use a mild soap with an anti bacterial formulation in case of skin irritation. You can even pop them in the dishwasher, or sterilise them completely in an autoclave. If you do make use of the dishwasher, rinse off the toy afterwards. The residue a dishwasher tablet would leave might cause irritation.

What Are Glass Dildos Made Of?

Despite their delicate looks, glass dildos are constructed of a highly durable and tough material called borosilicate glass. You might be more familiar with the name pyrex. Much like the dishes in your kitchen, sex toys made out of pyrex are incredibly tough. They can put up with extremes of temperature and would never break unless you dropped them.

How Should I Store A Glass Dildo?

Some people think their glass dildos are so beautiful that they put them out on display. However, if you dont want to put yours in a display cabinet we suggest a velvet bag will protect the surface from scratches. It’s also advisable to put your dildo somewhere that is protected from other items being dropped onto it. A storage box or shallow drawer would work well.

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