Metal Dildos – Cool Smooth Stainless Steel & Aluminium

You’ll thrill at super cool, chilled play with luxuriously smooth and shiny metal dildos. Explore your sweet spots with the firm weighted touch of a stainless steel or aluminium work of orgasmic art.

Metal sex toys offer a new and exciting range of sensations and the chance to enjoy temperature play. The chilled metal combined with the weighty girth will let you hit the spots that other dildos just can’t reach!

How Are Metal Dildos Different From Other Sex Toys?

They Don’t Look Like Dicks

Don’t like gendered sex toys? Metal dildos are perfect for you. They aren’t made to mimic a penis, tending to be highly sculptural. They may also be shaped for g-spot or prostate massage.

Weight & Firm Stimulation

The most obvious difference between a metal sex toy and those made from other materials is weight. They are usually made from solid stainless steel, so are heavier and give stronger stimulation. The material may sound intimidating, but many find the extra stimulation offered by the weighty construction gives incredible orgasmic pleasure. Fans love the inflexible, rigid texture of a metal toy over more flexible silicone vibrators and dildos.

Safe & Non Porous

Stainless steel and aluminium are non porous. That means they’re incredibly easy to clean and can’t harbour any bacteria. You can also use any type of lube your heart desires with a metal toy. Oil, water, silicone lubes can all be used without worry, adding another subtle sensory pleasure to add to your erotic playlist.

Great For Temperature Play

Similar to glass dildos, metal toys are great for the added thrill of temperature play. Heat them up, or cool them right down to enjoy different sensual pleasures. You can warm them up simply by placing them in warm water, or in a bowl with ice if you like a super chilly thrill!

Intimidation is Kinky

For some, at least. These are not cute and cuddly erotic playthings. They look both beautiful and a little threatening. A little fear of the unknown and the taboo of engaging intimately with something that looks threatening can feel incredibly kinky.

Metal Dildos – Best For G-Spot & Prostate Massage

Many users buy a metal sex toy because they can stimulate the g-spot and prostate with a firmness other dildos can’t achieve.

Most steel or aluminum sex toys will be specially shaped so that they can be used to really hit those sweet spots firmly. Toy reviewers report incredibly intense orgasms when using these. So although they may look a little intimidating, they really do get those endorphins flowing.

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