Vibrators can open your eyes and legs to a whole new world of sexual pleasure. For use on the nipples, clitoris, vagina, perineum, anus or testicles. To be used both externally and for penetration. The only restraint on their use is your imagination. Available in an array of shapes, sizes and styles, You are certain to find the right ones for you. After all, why have just one! when variety is the spice of life?

From the discreet bullet which is small and slim, the perfect partner for foreplay.
Usually used for clitoral stimulation they deliver powerful vibrations which will help get you there every time. Being some of the quietest toys on the market, Don’t let it’s small appearance deceive you.(Whoever said that diamonds are a girls best friend, never had a bullet)

Then there’s the classic vibrator. Shaped somewhat similar to a penis. They’re available variety of lengths and girths. Depending on whether you want a snug fit or be stretched to your limits, the perfect toy is waiting for you.

Whilst the whole length of the shaft vibrates, you have a choice of texture in the form of smooth and sleek, ribbed, studded and veined.

Perfect for beginners, classic vibrators are usually controlled by a twist cap at the base of the toy which will turn it on and vary the speed.

Next is the rabbit style vibrator as made famous by the “Sex and the City” girls. This vibrator is a step up from the classic.

Not only will you get a satisfying shaft with all the options of a classic vibrator, you will be offered shaft rotation and simultaneous clitoral stimulation to boot.

Whilst the rotating, vibrating shaft works it’s magic deep inside you. The rabbit ears provide clitoral stimulation. A heady combination that’ll have your toes curling as you cry out in sexual pleasure. Even for ladies that find it hard to achieve orgasm, the rabbit really is a winner.

Sometimes controlled by twist cap or remote control but usually by a control panel at the base, you get to tailor the sensations to meet your sexual needs and cravings.

Having briefly touched upon merely three styles of vibrators, don’t think that that’s it. There are loads more to explore. From double ended, g-spot, anal, waterproof, strap on and love eggs to name but a few.

All perfect for self pleasure or use with a partner. So have fun buying and trying!!

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