Butterfly Vibrators – Hands Free Sex Toys

Small but perfectly formed, the cute and demure exterior of a butterfly vibrator conceals a powerful orgasmic punch. Soft jelly textures wrap around your sweet spots to deliver deliciously pleasurable vibrations.

This petite package of sexy hands-free fun can be found with or without a little shaft for vaginal stimulation. Some have remote or wired controllers, and multispeed settings to vary intensity.

Butterfly vibes are one of the most popular sex toys. Why? Because they’re designed to be wearable, stimulating the clitoris and vulva whilst leaving your hands free for other pleasures.

Why Are They Called Butterfly Vibrators?

Venus Butterfly refers to similtaneous clitoral and vaginal stimulation using fingers. This technique was first mentioned in a 1969 (oh how appropriate!) book called “The Sensuous Woman”.  However, the sex act exploded into popular culture in the 1980s after featuring on an episode of LA Law.

The episode was so popular because despite being named Venus Butterfly, the sex act itself was never described. Rather, a generally unremarkable man in terms of appearance and personality reports blistering success with the ladies thanks to his secret sex technique. He reveals this sex technique to his lawyer, Stuart Markowitz. The episode included a bedroom scene between Markowitz and his girlfriend. The scene implied he used the technique with huge success.

Curious viewers were desperate to find out what the sex act might be. The show was inundated with letters from people seeking more information. Therefore, it’s not really surprising that savvy sex toy manufacturers started to create clitoral vibrators bearing the same name.

And so, a sexy star was born! The term Venus Butterfly is still commonly used in butterfly vibrator product names. If it works, it works hey?

How To Use A Butterfly Sex Toy

Butterfly vibrators are pretty straightforward.  For the classic version slip the elastic around your legs, and adjust straps so the vibe is positioned right at your sweet spot. The classic version will switch on and buzz away whilst you enjoy other stimulation. If you aren’t planning on any vaginal stimulation, you might find that slipping on a pair of knickers over the butterfly helps hold it in place. Some people have reported slippage, which can be a distraction.

If you want to vary the intensity of the vibrations, look for a butterfly which has a separate controller. This gives you a multi speed experience, so you can build up gently to a climax or enjoy some edging.

Wearable Knicker Vibrators – A New Variation On The Butterfly

If you don’t fancy fiddling around with bits of elastic, there’s a relatively new variation on the butterfly theme.

There are several versions which are designed to be worn inside your knickers. Ideal for those who want to experience using a vibrator in public. Often featuring a shapely ergonomic design to ensure they don’t come unstuck, many have a wireless remote control that you can give to your partner.  Secret, sexy public surprises. Imagine having a sudden and unexpected orgasm in a public place and trying to keep your reaction under control? Super naughty fun.

Knicker vibrators are overtaking the popularity as the classic butterfly vibe, mainly because of ease of use.

What Different Types of Butterfly Vibrators Are There?

Knicker Vibrator

Knicker vibrators are designed to be inserted into your underwear. Deliciously snug and comfortable to wear if you are looking for a public orgasmic thrill. Some have remote controls, which let you give control to someone else.

There are lots of high end knicker vibrators. These offer really high quality clitoral stimulation as well as ergonomical moulding. Enhanced design and materials give deeper and more pleasurable sensations during your play.

Wearable Couples Vibrator

These are a whole sex toy genre of their own. However, some can be used the same way as butterfly vibrators, so are worth mentioning. Designed to be worn during sex, they have squidgy adjustable arms to comfortably hold a stimulator on your clitoris, leaving space for penetration. They add a whole new layer of erotic pleasure to sexy time.

Hands Free Venus Butterfly

The one and only original toy that’s been around since the 70s and 80s. Venus Butterflies tend to be lower priced than their high tech counterparts, making them a great entry level buy.

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