Introducing Sex Toys into the Bedroom

Introducing Sex Toys into the Bedroom

It could be that you’re looking to get your partner a gift this year or maybe you’re just interested in trying something a little different. But, when incorporating a new sex toy in your relationship, although sex toys can add a sense of spice to your relationship, there are many things to take into consideration as it can get a bit tricky. What may work wonderfully during a bit of me-time doesn’t always translate to that sought-after outer-body experience. There are oodles of rabbits, bullets, eggs and even wands out there for that adventurous woman……. but it’s few and far between that you find couples sex toys that keep leaving you both wanting more.


Wait until you’ve had a few rendezvous together and have built up a good level of trust both inside and out of the bedroom. You can help speed up the process by giving your partner lots of praise when he hits those pleasure spots – once he’s self-assured that he’s satisfying you sexually, proposing the idea of a sex toy to heighten both of your pleasure will be far better received.


One way to ease the subject of sex toys into the conversation is to find some articles on sex toys and the amount of pleasure you can have with them, then introduce it to him by saying: “I found this interesting blog on how sex toys can be a lot of fun, have a read”. This allows you to see your partner’s reaction; it’ll also allow a discussion about sex toys to flow naturally between you. Another fun and popular way is to make it part of your pillow talk! (Start with, “I think it would be so hot to …” We’re sure you’ll find an appropriate end to that sentence.)


The main thought that goes through a man’s head when this topic comes up is “Am I not good enough?”. It’s imperative to be able to explain why you’d like to introduce a sex toy. Make it clear that a sex toy is no substitute for the emotional closeness you feel when you are sexually intimate with him. The last thing you want him to feel is a sense of inadequacy. Focus on what you already love about him and reassure that big softie that it will help add even more fun and reach a new level of intimacy and as always, he’s your superhero!


Shopping online at an online sex toy shop like Belle De Soir is a great chance for you and your partner to connect and discuss toys you may like. Being able to browse in the comfort of your own home will make it easier for you to talk openly about what you may like to try. Once you become accustomed to looking at different sex toys together it will be a lot of fun too! At the same time, this provides another opportunity for you to gauge how he feels towards it…. If your partner is intimidated by the thought of a toy “replacing him”, begin with toys that are less threatening: a small one that doesn’t look exactly like a penis may be a good introductory toy…… like the Flower Power Bullet.


To avoid your partner seeing a sex toy as competition you can start off with a remote toy that lets him remain in control of your pleasure. It’ll be a very carnal experience for him to control the powerful sensations as he teases you to orgasm from a distance, plus he gets to feel he’s wearing the big boy pants.


Last but not least, we’d like to put forward our thoughts for our favourite couple’s vibrators…… The infamous We Vibe Classic. Granted, it’s a bit of a mouth-full and sounds quite the opposite of a romantic gift, however…… unlike many other toys, it is one you wear. It’s Controlled by an App that can be easily downloaded on both IOs and Android devices, it can be controlled from anywhere in the world through Bluetooth and the app allows for you to facetime whilst doing it…..errr…. using it. With The We Vibe Classic, you can create and name your preferred vibration patterns, strength and duration, which makes for a smooth process of bringing him out mid-adult-cuddle.

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