Sex in public

Sex in public – what’s the worst that could happen?

What’s the worst place you’ve ever had sex? Most people who’ve been relatively adventurous might have run the risk of getting caught, but could you do worse than this couple, who were arrested for having sex in a bus shelter in broad daylight?

Residents of Penzance in Cornwall phoned the police with complaints after spotting drunk couple Demelza Lentell and Jamie Lynn getting it on in public. The pair told the police that they’d both drunk so much they didn’t know what they were doing, but onlookers got the full picture, as it were.

To be fair, anyone who braves the British weather for a spot of alfresco sex is clearly more adventurous than most, and perhaps the judge agrees. Although the couple were charged with ‘outraging public decency’, they managed to avoid a prison sentence.

But it got us thinking – while a bus shelter is a fairly low bar in terms of romance – what are the worst possible places to have sex?

Sex In a car

It’s not unusual to get down to things in a car – sexy make-outs in the back seat of a taxi or some private time when someone’s given you a lift home. But cars can be dangerous places, not least because – even in the most remote lay by – you still risk a knock on the window from the police.

Actress Gillian Taylforth was famously caught with her fiancee in a lay by. The couple denied doing anything sexy, but that didn’t stop the police from intervening in what they thought looked like an intimate moment.

Better alternative: if you’re going to risk having an impulsive moment, you’re best off doing it on private property. Got a friend with a country house and a long driveway? That might be the best bet. Oh, and don’t forget to switch the engine off, and steer clear of the handbrake. Nothing kills the mood like the moment when you realise you’re rolling downhill…

Sex In a country where it’s illegal

If you’re considering sex on a beach, this story completely overshadows any concerns about sand ・ one couple was jailed for three months after having sex on a beach in Dubai. The country has very strict public decency laws, as well as a specific law forbidding sex outside marriage.

The pair claimed they weren’t having sex at all – just kissing and hugging – and that the people who reported them had just misconstrued what was going on. That didn’t stop the judge passing a three-month sentence, though, and the poor pair were put in jail.

Better alternative: if you’re travelling abroad, and you’re not sure about the laws of the country, it’s best to keep things inside your hotel room. We’ve got some recommendations for the top romantic holiday destinations if you’re planning a sexy 2015 – just make sure you don’t get into trouble!

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