Fifty Shades of Grey Drive me Crazy Glass Massage Wand – Buying Guide

Never used a glass dildo before?The Fifty Shades of Grey Drive me Crazy Glass Massage Wand could be the start of a beautiful relationship with temperature play. This curved toy is from sex toy retailer Lovehoney’s own range of products based around the kinky adventures of Christian Grey in the popular novel series.

Fifty Shades of Grey Drive me Crazy glass wand in a female hand

Fifty Shades Glass Wand – Should You Buy It?

We’ll break down the features of this toy in our independent buying guide.  Our 5 point sex toy inspection looks at price point, quality, what it feels like, what the toy can be used for, and it’s pros and cons based on real user experiences.

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At £29.99, this is a well priced option to dip a toe in to the world of glass sex toys. With many brand name options costing almost twice this price, you’re unlikely to find a much cheaper alternative.


When we inspect a toy for quality, we look at the packaging, it’s build quality, and features.

Packaging: There’s a lot to love about the package that the Drive me Crazy Wand arrives in. The intriguing and reuseable black box offers a higher quality unboxing experience than most sex toys. It has the added bonus of a satin toy bag with drawstring. This thoughtful add on is only attractive, but practical. A storage bag is essential for a glass dildo to prevent scratches and keep the surface silky smooth.

The free satin storage bag is a quality extra.

We Say: Quality gift box and free storage bag make this dildo great for gifting.

Build & Features:  Made of versatile Borosilicate glass, the dildo has a pleasing weighty feel. The designers have packed a lot of features into 6 inches. It’s double ended, with a semi realistic head on one side and a more adventurous double bubble type construction on the other. Glass nubs along the length mean they’re really packed the features in.

This glass wand packs in the sensual textures!

We Say: Weighty construction and lots of different textures to enjoy make this a sensory treat.

What Does the Drive Me Crazy Wand Feel Like?

There’s so much to enjoy in a glass sex toy, but this deceptively compact glass wand has rammed in some sensual delights.  

You’ll enjoy:-

  • A firm, unyielding sensation during play. Although you might think a glass toy could be too hard, it’s firm touch gives a lot of control over internal stimulation.
  • Sleek finish that glides easily with minimal lube.
  • Naturally cool temperature.
  • 6.5 inches of gently curving insertable length – great for reaching the g-spot. You’ll discover new and intense orgasms as you target those harder to reach areas.

How to Use a Glass Wand Sex Toy

Oh my. You’re in for a thrilling treat. There’s so many ways to use a glass toy you’ll wonder how you ever did without one! You can enjoy:-

  • Temperature play. Enjoy it’s naturally cool temperature, chill it in the fridge or freezer, or warm it up in hot water. Glass toys will retain their temperature for quite a while, allowing you plenty of thrills and chills in all the right spots.
  • G Spot Stimulation – The gentle curve will let you massage your g-spot and enjoy incredible and intense orgasms. The unyielding texture on a glass wand makes it easier to effectively target the g-spot.
  • Water Play – You can easily play with this toy in the bath or shower!
  • Allergy free – the beauty of borosilicate is that it’s hypoallergenic. If you have a Silicone allergy a glass toy is a great way to enjoy sexy play without worrying about having a reaction.

 The Pros and Cons

The reviews for this work of sex toy art are pretty conclusive. Lovehoney customers have rated it an average of 5 stars from 60 reviews. (last updated 04/10/21)


Customers reported that they loved the:-

  • Double ends offering good variety during play.
  • Storage box and bag made this toy good for gifting.
  • Cold thrill when chilled was a hit with temperature play fans.
  • Solo play opportunities offered by this wand.


Drawbacks mentioned included:-

  • The lack of flared base. One person got it stuck up her ass, and wasn’t that pleased about it. So, we don’t recommend this for anal play!
  • Some reviewers felt that it could be more heavily textured.
  • Other reviewers felt the bobbles on the shaft were a little too textured.


It looks like this toy is winning on looks, feel, and presentation. You can make it yours at Lovehoney for £29.99

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