Sex toy brands

Does a sex toy brand matter to you?

Ten or twenty years ago, the idea of knowing what ‘brand’ of sex toy you were buying would have seemed a bit unusual. While you’d go for a particular type of toy there were few people who would seek out a particular brand.

Now, though, there’s much more variety in terms of sex toys, and many people have a preference for specific brands. Whether it’s the quality of the products, the innovation, or the style, many people prefer a particular brand when it comes to choosing the toys they really want. So what does each brand offer? Here are some of the top brands on Belle de Soir. Do you have a favourite?


Lelo produces a huge range of sex toys and accessories, from rabbit vibrators such as the Lelo Soraya to silk cuffs and suede whips. Lelo is one of the more prestigious brands on the market – the company describes itself as a ‘designer’ brand, and if there were a Calvin Klein of sex toys, Lelo would probably be it.

As a result of their ‘designer’ aspirations, their products are a bit pricier than others, but they’re very high-quality, and seriously stylish.


Like Lelo, Ovo also produces stylishly designed toys, and their brand focus is on innovation and really good engineering. They produce everything from cock rings to mini vibrators, and their design has won awards around the globe. Their products are generally lower budget than the Lelo ones, but they still have a serious focus on quality: all of their products come with a 15 year manufacturer’s warranty.


WeVibe is all about innovation. They have one key product, which is a sex toy that stimulates a woman both internally and externally at the same time, and it can also be used during sex. The standard WeVibe4 comes with a remote control, meaning that you can adjust the vibrations while you’re having sex.

But their most intriguing innovation is the WeVibe4 Plus – the same toy but it comes with both a remote control and an app. So not only can you control the pulse and pattern of vibrations from your phone, but it works across a long distance. If you’re in a long distance relationship, or even just down the road, and you want your partner to be able to turn you on at the push of a button, then the WeVibe4 Plus is for you!

Bondage brands

If you prefer your play a bit rough, you’ll probably be aware of a couple of bondage brands. The top three on Belle de Soir are Fetish Fantasy,  and Fifty Shades of Grey.

After the success of the blockbuster book, it was surely inevitable that there’d be a range of ‘Fifty Shades’ sex toys. The toys are aimed at anyone who is interested in trying bondage and spanking, and they’re often bundled in kits, like the Beginners’ Bondage Kit, so if you’re looking to get started and bring bondage into the bedroom, you have a selection of toys to play with.

The Fetish Fantasy range includes more ‘extreme’ toys – including sex furniture and strap ons, and the Sex & Mischief range is a mix of ‘beginners’ toys and some that are more experimental – such as their combination wrist and ankle spreader bar.


Tenga is a brand that is really making a name for itself with innovative and stylish male sex toys. While brands like Fleshlight focus on realistic-looking masturbation sleeves (that look like mouths or vaginas), Tenga goes for innovative geometric designs that look more like ornaments than body parts.

Tenga masturbators are available either as ‘one use’ (although you can usually use these a few times) disposable products or as more substantial masturbators that can be used over and over again. The different textures create a huge range of different sensations, and – in our opinion – the products themselves are beautiful and eminently collectable!

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