10 Ways to keep you both saying yes

When you’re in a new relationship everything is fresh and new. You’re just starting to get to know each other’s bodies and finding out what makes you both say ohhh.

In the first few months it’s hard to keep your hands off each other, where just a look can have you falling back into bed. As great as this time may be, life outside the bedroom doors eventually drags you back down to reality with a bump. Work gets in the way, family and going out can leave a huge dent in your love life, so below I have listed 10 ideas that I believe can spice up any relationship in need of a little injection of fun and seduction. The most important thing always to remember is “have fun! Sex is not a chore, it’s for pleasure”.


when I tell people that I write a blog for an adult web site I always get asked what the most freakiest thing people like and I thought this was a weird question because nothing in sex is wrong if your both enjoying it.I came to realise I was getting asked this because people needed verification that what they was doing was OK, when of course it was as long as you and your partner are happy. For example most women are shocked to find out that one of our top fantasies, as women, is to have a threesome.

1. Most couples find something simple as role play can help spice up the bedroom whether he or you are dressing up. It’s amazing what a costume can do! It’s as if we all have a hidden actress or actor within….. and we just can’t wait to please our audience!!

2. Blind folds are a way to show your trust in the person you’re with. By covering your eyes, you are, in effect, submitting yourself to them. You’re allowing them to have full control over your body and making all your other senses work doubly hard for double the pleasure!!

3. Everyone has a fantasy! Even if you think yours is silly, you never know what your partner may think. Open up to them and share your deepest sexual feelings and we’re sure they will come back with what there fantasy is. Sometimes it just takes one of you to make the first move.

4. Toys for Couples . Have a look through the website together and do a wish list of toys and every month, invite a new toy into the bedroom.

5. Don’t limit sex to the bedroom. We’re no longer in the 1900, make love in every room in the house, and if you don’t get caught…. a little alfresco

6. Surprise! Such a small word, but it means so much. The turn-on a women and a man get from the element of surprise can be immense, so be spontaneous, open your front door to your man with nothing but a coat on, because there is no bigger turn on then when you see that look in his eyes!!

7. Now, this one isn’t for everyone, but if you feel you can then go for it, watch an adult film together it will get both your juices flowing!!

8. Re-invent the night you first met. However, this time it will be better and as there will be no awkward first date conversations and you’re guaranteed to go home with your date.

9. If you don’t feel confident with a sex toy, why not spice up your sex life with a try of our try edible Lubes!! If that’s not where you want to start, then some fruit and whipped cream!!

10. Last but not least, make up your own rules. There are no guide lines to sex. What someone may like, another may hate. The key is to talk! Talk to your friends, because if working in this industry has taught us anything, it’s that we all love sex and feeling sexy, so sometimes getting ideas from a friend is the best advice we can get

I hope this has helped and if there is anything you would like to talk to me about or just have a question, please contact us on askus@belledesoir.com, even if you think it may be silly, I still would love to help! If you’re up to it, pass on your advice on my blog and help others that may be stuck in a rut. Another option that you could also have a look at is hosting an evening with your girlfriends where you will definitely have a laugh as well as some good advice!!.

Sensually Yours

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