The Vibe Guide #1

Whether you’re purchasing a vibrator to spice up a loving relationship or for those moments when someone just isn’t around, you need not look further.

We’d like to begin by saying that if you are a novice to using vibrators, the taboo has gone! Some would say that every woman should have a vibrator. Although this statement may be somewhat audacious, it is one that we deem to be true. With a range of either glass or silicone, we’ll titillate your fancy in a variety of environments. We’re not saying that you pull out a bullet on the bus, however, our vibrators can provide you with moments of self-satisfaction under-water and above. At the same time, the Lelo range can take your mind and body to unbelievable places, hence why rabbits tend to be at the top of our lists.

If luxury is a turn on for you, may we suggest our Leaf, Icicles, and Lelo ranges. Beginning with Leaf, the brand prides itself on beautiful design, whilst at the same time satisfies your every need, whether it be inner-our outer stimulation. If you are a little greedy and want very strong vibrations, have a play with Leaf’s Fresh. Icicles are a fantastic range of glass stimulators, which again similar to Leaf have been designed in such a manner that they could act as a decorative piece on a coffee table and no one would be any wiser. Lelo, again has a touch of class about its design, whilst at the same time has become known as one of the more popular brands as they never fail to please. At the top of its game is Lelo Insignia Soraya. Technically it’s a rabbit as it provides for dual action, but combining chrome with silicone and packing an almighty-punch, it is o-so-more than just a rabbit of luxury.

Last but not least, we have begun providing a range of vibrating strap-ons. We don’t want you to go away thinking that strap-ons are purely for two women, because more and more heterosexuals are dabbling in this area. It has been proven that for men, stimulating the prostate enhances blood flow in the pelvic area, bringing new oxygen and nutrients to tissues, helping those tissues release built-up toxins. Whilst at the same time, ‘a less-talked about kind of person who can also benefit from this kind of device is the man with erectile dysfunctions, perhaps from a prostate surgery, who no longer can achieve an erection firm enough or long enough for intercourse’.

We understand that you ladies, may have further questions, so please feel free to contact us on either Twitter or Facebook using the links below.

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