New ways to use your sex toys

New ways to use your sex toys

If you’ve got a wand, a bullet vibe, or a strap on, hopefully our tips on New ways to use your sex toys will get your mind racing with ideas! So, you’ve bought that amazing bullet vibrator and had a lot of fun with it, but you’re looking for a few new ways you can use it in the bedroom. That’s where we come in! Most sex toys can be used in a variety of different ways to provide a range of sensations, but we’re here to show you some new ways to use your sex toys.

A couple of general tips before we start: communication is the best skill to have in the bedroom, so when you’re trying out new uses for toys, ask your partner to give you lots of feedback. While we can give you some ideas, you never know you’ve hit the jackpot until you get those appreciative ‘ooh’s and ‘aah’s. And secondly – always make sure you read the instructions. While you’re usually fine to use dildos anally as well as vaginally, there are some toys which are designed for a specific use, and shouldn’t be put elsewhere: kegel balls, for instance, are usually designed for vaginal use rather than anal, so if you’re looking for an anal toy it’s often best to browse the ones that are specifically aimed at that.

With health and safety out of the way – let’s begin! Here are three popular sex toys, along with suggestions on ways you can use them that your partner won’t necessarily expect…

Wand toys

Believe it or not, the stories about wand massagers such as the Doxy are true – they can be used for massage as well as masturbation! If you’ve been turned on to the joys of a Doxy wand, it might be hard for you to think of using it as a massage tool rather than a sex toy, but trust us – it works!

If you’ve got a wand toy (and we believe every home should have one!) then pressing the end firmly into muscles can be incredibly relaxing. Begin on a low setting, then gradually get stronger.

Although they might not have the same effect on a man as on a woman, the heavy throbbing vibrations can still feel good to him, especially during the build up to sex. Why not begin by giving him a deep massage, pressing the wand into his muscles – thighs, back, bum – then gradually moving down between his legs. It’ll certainly give him something new to think about!

Bullet vibes

When you think of bullet vibrators your first thought is probably the clitoris. Compact and easy to use, bullet vibes are great for clitoral stimulation. No matter what position you’re in, it’s usually easy to hold a bullet against your most sensitive spots and add an extra tingle of pleasure.

But they can be used for other things too. Although the nerve endings on a penis aren’t as close together and numerous as they are on a clit, there are areas of the penis which are more sensitive than others. The frenulum is the area just below the glans – where the foreskin joins to the head. Using lube and a gentle touch with a bullet vibe you can gently stimulate this area, and give him a brand new sensation.

Don’t forget the nipples too – male nipples can be just as sensitive as female ones, and bullet vibes are often really handy for getting the precise stimulation to that area. If you’re looking for a long, slow build up, using bullet vibrators on your own or your partner’s nipples can be a fantastic way to tease during foreplay.


If you read and enjoyed our list of top dominant blogs, and fancy having a go at taking control, there are plenty of things you can do that flip his expectations and keep him on his toes.

Asking him to wear a strap on might initially seem strange, but the aim of the game is to get him to ‘serve’ you, in the purest sense he can. Let him know that he’s in for a night of servicing you – focusing only on your pleasure. Then, when he wears a strap on to have sex with you, you’re getting everything you want while he longs to feel the pleasure himself.

If you don’t have a strap on, you can get the same effect by giving him one or two of your favourite toys. Whether it’s a dildo, a vibe, or a wand toy, teaching him to use them on you exactly as you like it can be powerfully erotic – and gives you the chance to take control.

So there you have it – three new ways to use your sex toys. Do you have any other suggestions? Please do share them in the comments!

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