What are the best selling sex toys?

What are the best selling sex toys?

One of the best ways to decide which sex toy to buy is by looking at reviews and other customers’ experience. Obviously everyone is different, and there are individual preferences when it comes to power, size, and style. But we thought to help you decide we’d give you a run-down of the top five best selling sex toys on our site.

Our customers clearly have good taste – our top five is a showcase of some of the most beautiful and innovative sex toy design on the market. So without further ado, let’s begin the best selling sex toy countdown…

Number 5 – a stylish sex toy with perfect power

In at 5 – The Lelo Ora. When it comes to sex toys, Lelo is synonymous with style and quality. Today’s sex toys are a far cry from the buzzy, battery-laden jelly things that were on the market ten years ago, and it’s companies like Lelo that have helped to turn things around.

The Ora is a beautifully-designed oral sex simulator. Sweeps and swirls, as well as an intense power setting, help the Ora to recreate the sensation of oral sex.

Number 4 – king of the wand toys

At number 4 – it’s the Doxy Wand Massager. What’s so good about the Doxy? Well, as Lelo is a game-changing company in terms of design, Doxy is a game-changing company in terms of power. Their wand is the most powerful mains-operated wand on the market. Deep, rumbling vibrations controlled by simple buttons mean that this easy-to-use, intense toy is on almost everyone’s wish list.

Number 3 – a new kind of rabbit vibrator

Number 3 is the Lelo Soraya, and just one look at it is enough to tell you why. Not only is it stunningly beautiful – as all Lelo toys are – but it is also designed to hit just the right spots. A rabbit-style vibrator, the Soraya has a key difference that sets it apart from other similar toys: the clitoral stimulator is incredibly flexible, meaning you can position it so that it vibrates in just the right place for you.

Number 2 – a familiar name

At number two, just missing out on the very top spot, it’s The Doxy Wand massager again. No, your eyes aren’t decieving you – this is such a popular product that it appears in our top five twice – once on its own (for £69) and once as part of our promotional bundle, where you get the Doxy as well as a gorgeous glass dildo and some lube to get you going all for just £89. See? That’s why it’s on a lot of wish lists!

The number 1 best selling sex toy

And (drumroll please) the number one bestselling sex toy here at Belle de Soir is the We Vibe 4. A relatively new type of toy, the We Vibe is designed for couples to use during penetrative sex. The vibrations will not only stimulate you internally and externally, your partner will be able to feel them during penetration. A genuine couple’s experience designed to give equal pleasure to both of you.

It comes in pink or purple, and because it’s such a popular sex toy, we’re offering it in a special promotional vibrator bundle – you can get the We Vibe 4 as well as the amazing Euphoria G-spot vibrator (together worth more than £180) for just £109. So if you’re looking to treat yourself, you you can choose the best selling sex toy on Belle de Soir, knowing you’re in very good company!

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