Why are Silicone Sex Toys Better?

Why are Silicone Sex Toys Better?

Now, without getting too technical, Silicone is a complex mix of ingredients called a polymer, which, when mixed together become inert meaning they do not easily react with other materials and therefore are less susceptible to degrade over time. On top of this, they are also Phthalate free, meaning they aren’t harmful to your body. In effect, Silicone toys are the best of the personal massager world.

Toys which are made from Silicone are a little more expensive than that of Latex or Rubber, however it not only its ability to last longer, but many other qualities that make them a better buy.

The advantages of Silicone toys over Rubber or Latex toys

• As already mentioned, as silicone toys are inert they are less likely to degrade over time. This means it will be safer for longer and forms the basis for a wonderfully long-lasting relationship.

• They are non-porous and therefore is less likely to harbour bacteria.

• Silicone toys can be washed in boiling water or in the dishwasher making it easier to clean and reduce harmful bacteria.

• They are hypoallergenic so perfect for those of us with allergies.

• They have no odour.

• They allow for better vibrations.

• They warm quicker to body temperature.

The disadvantages

• They are a little more expensive

• You cannot use Silicone lubricants with the majority of Silicone toys as the silicone in the lubricant degrades the surface of the toy. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions.

• Whilst very durable, Silicone can tear easily with sharp objects, therefore they need to be stored in a safe place.

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