Valentines Gifts for her

So what Valentines gifts would you get for you loved one? Well I’m partial to some really nice lingerie however I thought I would pass on some tips that I think you may find to be very useful.

Lets start with Lingerie. Here are the main points that we will cover in more detail later. However I believe this will make, what can be a daunting task easy! If it is the first time your are buying lingerie, take it a little safer in design as we will explain. However if it is not, then you will already have an idea and can be a little more daring.

Get the Size right

This can be an easy task as there are 2 things you need to look for, Dress size and Bra Size. This will arm you for all eventualities.

The best way to get this without raising suspicion is to look through her underwear draw, make sure you look for something she wears regularly. The Dress size will cover the Thong or Brief and Suspender belt sizes, This will vary from a UK size 6 to 20 plus and should be printed on most of the labels, inside either a dress or one of the items above. The Bra size is different there will be a number and a letter. E.G 42B. You will find this on the tag in a Bra, remember to pick out the ones she wears frequently. The Number in this case is 42 is the measurement around her body just below the bust and the letter in this case B is the size of the cup on the bra, this is driven by the size of the breasts themselves.

Once armed with this information you then need to take some time to think about the style of lingerie.

Get the style right

This is driven by both her taste and her body shape. Having already searched for her size, you would have seen the types of lingerie she is buying. If your loved one already has some complete sets, then you know that she is fond of them.

By style I’m referring to the type of lingerie. Do you get her a 3 Peice set (IE a bra, thong or brief, and suspender Set), or do you get her a babydoll, a chemise, a corset, or a body and what do these all mean??

A 3 piece set is easy to understand, her are images and an explanation of the others

Baby Doll

A Beautiful addition to any lingerie collection.

A babydoll is similar to a chemise, however the hip section is generally looser fitting or ruffled. These can be very seductive and girls generally love them. Perfect if they are self conscious of their tummy! These are Ideal for a First Lingerie Gift.

Perfect for Ladies of all shapes and sizes.

Open Front Babydoll

Quite self explanatory, with the front opened and generally tied by a ribbon at the front.

Very Seductive and romantic!. An Ideal gift for a loved one that is not overly self conscious of her tummy. If she is then a normal Babydoll would be a nicer gift.

Perfect for a body that is slim to medium.


A little more daring! These have very little coverage but still leave plenty of room for imagination. If you partner is a little more adventurous and comfortable with her body shape then this type of lingerie would be great.

Perfect if your partner is not self conscious of her body shape, and slim to average.


A Chemise is very similar to a babydoll however the bottom of the chemise is less ruffled and tighter that a babydoll, generally worn under clothes.

Ideal for a first Lingerie Gift and for all body shapes.


A Corset is Ideal for any body shape, as it helps sculpt the body. Very Seductive and sexy!

If your loved one is self conscious of the shape of her body, this will put them at ease.

Crotchless and Peekaboo

Perfect if you are both comfortable with taking it to this highly sensuous level!!

Get the design right

Having Been through her wardrobe and drawers to find the correct size you would have noticed a couple of things, what colours does she preffer, does she have patterned or simple designs? Keep to what you know she likes for a first time buy.

Don’t forget the trimmings

It makes it an extra special gift if you don’t forget the little extras, It could be a Blindfoldand do not forget the Stockings if your gift requires it, as it should be complete, even some Massage oil so you can treat her to a sensuous massage if you think she will appreciate or enjoys a massage.


Remember to get feedback. Once she has received your gift, always discuss it, find out if what she like about it, what else she would like, could you have been more adventurous? As already mentioned, it is better to be safer if your not sure.

I hope this has been helpful to you, next week we will cover buying sex toys for your loved one so come back and visit us if you can.

Belle De Soir

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